Part-Time Administrative Assistant
Squirrel Hill, PA


Our Squirrel Hill office is looking for a part time Administrative Assistant to join our team assisting with daily administrative and marketing tasks for both the agents and manager.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Post Cards Mailings:
    • Mail Open House post cards for all agents hosting an open house
    • Mail Just Listed, Just Sold & New Neighbor post cards for agents who earn “extra” ones
    • Assist in brainstorming ideas for other marketing post cards (design & messaging)
  • Help agents set up their profile and websites via Web Admin
    • Set up new profiles and web pages
    • Help agents update & upgrade their profiles and web pages
  • Help the agents market themselves
    • Post listings and awards/recognition on their social media sites
    • Teach them how to use social media to help market themselves and their clients
    • Help design Facebook advertising and “boosts” to special posts
  • Assist the agents with mailings and marketing collateral
    • Help with mail merges
    • Help create flyers and brochures
    • Help brainstorm new ideas for their new business
  • Train the agents on new company programs & marketing solutions (traditional & digital marketing)
  • Assist Manager in Special Projects to increase market share in primary markets 
  • Help the Manager in maintaining the office Facebook page to make it more community orientated and increase traffic flow to the page.
  • Work on daily projects assigned from manager (i.e. Zillow & other real estate websites, Agent web pages & listings, etc.)
  • Help manage the Office Website & Listings to ensure up to date information and ensure links are functioning
  • Troubleshoot various company programs to try to solve issues and try to come up with new ideas/solutions to help make the office more efficient and productive (Outlook distribution lists, Website Community Pages, Quantum post card system, etc.)
  • Assist in manager’s recruiting efforts
    • Maintain & update recruiting distribution list for manager
    • Assist in recruitment targeted email/direct mail
    • Help Manager maintain Recruit Now
  • Maintain & update manager’s business email contact list in order to help in sending out timely e-cards and other scheduled mailings


  • Work together to facilitate a weekly training session for the agents
  • Work at Company events on an as-needed basis (at the event and on marketing collateral for the events, i.e. Annual Company Rally)


  • Assist Manager with Project market Share


  • Create a weekly Newsletter for the agents to keep up with all the office events

To apply please email resumes to Tal Crandell

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