Hanna Home Pros - Business Development Administrator 
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Hanna Home Pros (formerly known as retail alliance) is a vendor relationship program. This program, which is being rebranded and reformatted, with more significant vendor partners, and with the strategic reach out to Howard Hanna agency employees, requires a business development administrator.

The Hanna Home Pros program brings value to Howard Hanna Buyers and sellers by connecting them to products that are a relevant and necessary to the home purchase, but also to products that homeowners may want or need in their years of homeownership. Hanna Home Pros brings the value of structure, shared brand, a targeted audience to the vendors with whom we partner.

This role will include a sales function to grow the vendor partnerships in all states.  Identifying, meeting and signing new partners to the Hanna Pros program is integral to the position.   Additionally, the Business Development Administrator will act as the relationship manager for vendors, working with several departments within Howard Hanna. Administrator will educate agents and managers on program and vendors, including teaching Fast Start module, attending sales meetings in regions and sales offices. Further, the administrator will be charged with enriching Hanna Home Perks platform for agents and employees as well.  Other duties may include working on administrative and vendor file opening and will work with IT and accounting. Additionally, the vendor relationship maintenance and evaluation is an important function of this role

This position is a replacement position for the Retail Alliance roles.  It combines the administrative and sales/relationship roles held by multiple parties in previous iterations of the program.

This is a salary position with discretionary bonus based on metrics set forth below in goals in the first 12 months:

  • Sign 3 or more National Partners beneficial partners to agreements of 1 year or more
  • Increase regional representation of vendors by a reflection of 20% per state

To apply please email Erin Allio at erinallio@howardhanna.com


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